Light on Jib Island


On a Maine island in the 1920s, the Barton family keeps the light, requiring effort from the entire family. Elizabeth, the only daughter, feels particularly lonely, except during her grandmother’s visits. When Mother travels to the mainland to have a baby, Elizabeth shoulders all responsibility for household chores. Additionally, the forces of nature challenge Jib Island and create unexpected adventure.

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Light on Jib Island



May 17 & 18  Book Signing at Westover School, Middlebury, CT. Books are available at the school store.


Book Signing and Activities– Maine Homeschoolers Convention, Samoset Resort, Rockport, Maine

March 20, 21& 22. Books and Study Guide for Light on Jib Island available at this event.

Book Signing – May 2, 2014

Barnes and Noble, Augusta, Maine 2-3 PM



Jan-3-2013JAN GILLEY spent childhood summers in Maine and Canada. Her fascination with lighthouses began while visiting Nubble Light and Keeper, Mr. Brewster. Jan, an English teacher, is descended from sailors, while her husband is a descendant of Maine lightkeepers. From thoughts about family history, the inspiration for Light on Jib Island came while walking Rockland, Maine breakwater during school vacations. Jan wrote during the summer when she was at her home in Rockport, Maine. During the school year she collected ideas for the story to be used in the following summer. She did a great deal of research about how lighthouse families lived in the 1920’s in Maine. One book, Lighthouse in My Life, by Philmore Wass, was a great help in her writing. Mr. Wass became a mentor to her as she worked on her book.
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Meet the Cover Artist

Cover Artist

Philip Jostrom

Philip Jostrom grew up in Massachusetts and is now living in NYC and on the Delaware River. He paints in oil. He is well known for his portraits of dogs and other pets, but also paints landscapes, old barns and country details.  A number of Philip’s paintings can be seen on Page 2 of this website. Philip’s email is


Meet the Illustrator


SKYE SANDERSON is a student at a public high school for the arts where she is studying visual arts. She is undecided about her future studies and is considering several areas in the arts for her major.